Album user ratings are not submitted to the provider

Issue description:

  1. Create a smart playlist containing albums
  2. Open the three dots menu for the album item
  3. Press “Change user rating”, and attempt to change it
  4. Observe no change is made
  5. Observe no API calls are made to set the rating

I’m using Gonic (somewhere between 0.16.2 and latest master) as my provider. I’ve checked the gonic sqlite db and it doesn’t seem to have recorded the album ratings, although it does have a table for it.

I suspect that the ability to set album ratings isn’t implemented, and that it’s just a UI oversight? :slight_smile: I don’t see the same action on albums, nor in the album search. If so, I’ll create a feature request instead!


Upload description: tboby

I tried this action in the last two debug sessions, which start at 2023-12-31 14:23:50.066

Additional information:

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Reproduction steps:

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Media provider




This is an UI bug, Symfonium have no concept of user ratings for albums.

Will fix.

You can add a feature request, but it will probably be low priority I have a tons of stuff to do before and it’s not a small change.