Album splitting by folder when only using the 'Album Artist' criteria

Issue description:

Hi, from what I can tell, Symfonium is splitting albums by Folder when only ‘Album Artist’ is selected as an option under ‘Split albums by:’.

I am using local device media, and two different folders are added seperately under the ‘Folders’ section of this media provider.

One half of an album is in one folder, and one half is in another.

The album artist tag is identical in all of these files, and this is the only criteria set to split albums by.

Two entries for the album appear (pertaining to each folder) in all screens, including on an Artist’s page.


Upload description: tobyburton96

Additional information:

I am using the latest beta 10.0.0B1 (12631)


Reproduction steps:



Media provider:

Local device



The folders split is for actual folder, the folders you select in the provider are for different libraries to support filtering. So yes albums across librairies are split so you can filter per library.

What is the actual use case here ?

I organise my music in terms of file system by when I discovered it/added it to my library. I.e.

February 2024/Floating Points/Crush,

March 2024/Floating Points/Crush if I later add some more tracks from the album

Ok then you need to add a single source that covers all the root folders to achieve what you want.

Then you can do the library filtering via smart filters.

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You know what, that won’t be a problem. I was just adding the folders separately as I’ve been testing the app and don’t want to wait to rescan 8000 tracks every time :). Thanks

The tags are cached, so you don’t rescan all the songs every time at all.

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Thanks for the info and the quick responses, as always.

I’ve just realised, however, I’m still having problems with albums within the same folder being split when the ‘Album Artist’ criteria is selected. I have no idea what’s causing this - the tags are identical.

Upload those files to so I can check.

This is probably the small reported bug about artists with and without mbids.

I’ve uploaded them for you.

Ok so yes this is that, it’s fixed for next beta build.

One have the mbids and not the other and depending on the order of the scan they can be seen as 2 different artists for a small time leading to this.

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Brilliant. Thank you for the investigation and the fix!