Album artwork missing from local device

Issue description:

Just bought this app to play local media files and there is missing artwork from both albums and artists.

Albums: Do I have to download all album artwork or should Symfonium be able to find it?
Artists: Most, but not all of missing artist artwork is for collaborations, for example one artist is listed as “Brian May/Queen”. Also when I click on some of the artist pages no media is listed, so therefore why list the artist? How is artist artwork updated?


Upload description: m223464

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Reproduction steps:

I’m just viewing the album and artist pages

Media provider:

Local device




The data is extracted from your media TAGS.

Album images are taken from the tags or from images in the same folder. You probably miss that data on the albums with missing images.

For the artists, there’s some artist split in place but XXX/YYY is not one of them to avoid conflicts with artists like AC/DC so those are seen as one artist.
Since they do not exist there can’t be images for them.

Why empty artists are shown, the only reason would be that you unchecked the option remove empty albums, artists and genre in database section.

If the option is enabled then I need logs during a full sync.


this info would be helpful to have in the FAQ which I searched first before writing this post.

The remove empty albums option is checked. Does the sync option under Manage Media providers run a full sync? If so how do I check the status so I know when to stop the logs because there’s nothing visible to advise when it’s complete?


You mean like Symfonium custom tag parser ?

You can sync via Sync media provider data

And there’s an visible header if you actually sync via the filter and an small animation on the filter button to indicate that a sync is running.

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Thanks for your reply and the info on syncing I will collect that and upload to this post.

I don’t see the relevance of the Symfonium custom tag parser link you provided to this artwork query as there is no mention of artwork on the page. Should I be searching the wiki by another term other than artwork to find what you’ve documented?

I’ve noticed a couple other odd artwork issues.

  1. The wrong artist image is displayed for artist Wayne Kirkpatrick and
  2. There is no artist image for Bob Marley & ‘Years & Years’.

How do I fix these issues?

Because the the tag parser explains how the tags are parsed? :slight_smile: And so why you have artists with names that does not exist and so can"t have images?

Artists images are scraped from internet so requires a proper name, the name of the option to scrape those is pretty clear.

You can change the images of anything manually too