Album Artists are not detected properly (search, album artist page)

Issue description:

When I search for Album Artists, it only returns artists, both from the main search page and the quick search button inside the “Album Artist page”. The “Album Artist” can’t be found either when scrolling and manually searching it in the “Album Artist page”.

Interestingly, if I have an artist that happens to also be an album artist, opening its page will properly display all albums for the album artist. However, information is bugged, as you can see:

Extra information :


Upload description: I don’t see logs are necessary, this is easily reproductible. I checked for other Album Artists, and they are not shown. I can share the files if you want. I think there’s the same issue with every other codecs, just checked with a MP3)

Media provider:

Local device

I don’t see logs are necessary

This is exhausting … THEY ARE MANDATORY … What part of all the messages everywhere telling that can make you think they are not?

Now I must loose time to ask again for them …
They have necessary information end of story …

And yes if the issue is tied to your specific tag I need the files too.

I’m sorry for not providing a log, I did try to explain my problem as well as possible.
I uploaded it, so you should have it, but here it is, just in case: Send
It also includes one file with “Future Disco” as Artist, the other one as “Album Artist”.

It’s not just explaining it’s about your Symfonium version and settings there’s 6 different ways to add local provider …

And that log is empty, you need to provide a log reproducing the problem so with a full sync.

And those 2 files works perfectly with Symfonium tag parser.

Thank you for your fast support! Well it’s nice to see it’s only a problem on my hand.

What I just did :
Settings => Manage Media Providers => Local device => “clear tage cache” => Update (at the bottom) => waited a few seconds, “loading”
=> Back => three dots => sync (I have a “background tasks” notification) => waiting for the notification to go off => close app
=> check back: I’m still facing the same issue.

Are you also using "Symfonium (Files - SAF) as your scanner mode? Or do I need to do something else?

Log uploaded.

Yes you are supposed to use SAF.

Remove the provider fully and only add a smaller folder to reduce the scope and see what happens, Symfonium use the data present in the tags.

Else try to better explain your issue.

I just did what you suggested, the behavior hasn’t changed.

This is confusing. Could it be related to my device specifically? I’ve read a lot of times that Samsung (I have a Galaxy S24 with One UI 6.1) manages things weirdly.

Otherwise, I don’t know how else to explain my issue, I’ve provided screenshots, the behavior I observe and the behavior that I expect.

EDIT: it’s not specific to these files/tags too. I don’t see

  • BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix
  • I see “Bar 25 Music” but it’s the same weird mixture as with Future Disco:
    Files : (uploading)

No this is not tied to Samsung this is tied to your TAGs.

Create a folder and add the 2 songs you sent me and just add that and see what it shows.

If it show what I shown here then you need to find you what files are bad.

Ok, I’ll try right now!

With the same folder as the one I sent you, it still doesn’t work! Is there any setting I can change so tags are read differently?

I can’t guess what you changed :slight_smile:

Uninstall the app and start fresh without touching things and see.

Now it’s working!
However, as soon as I restore my settings, the issue goes back (so at least, the issue is reproducible with specific settings). I’ll try to find what I can change and let you know. Do you want my backup file?

Well no you’ll figure out, but while I can’t guess what could trigger this, I’m pretty sure the option will be obvious and not a bug.

Found it!! I literally reset ALL settings, category per category, didn’t change a thing, the issue was persisting.
However, when clicking in the “source filter”, I turned off “Media available offline” and now the two album artists are showing properly. It doesn’t make sense to me though??
Uploaded a log.

This is still wrong though:

If you want to try it yourself, here is a sample: Send
It should display 16 songs that last 1:11:26, but it will probably show 1 song that lasts 1:13:08

And if an artist have no songs then it does not have media available so it’s more or less correct.

Sorry, I don’t understand your message, is there a part missing?

To sum up on my part,

  1. The “Media available offline” filter shouldn’t affect tag management
  2. The Album Artist page should be more consistent regarding the data it reports

Now you’re free to do whataever you feel like, these ain’t deal breaker at all.

You mix things here and both are the same root cause.

  1. The “Media available offline” filter shouldn’t affect tag management

It does not affect tags, it affect what is visible since it’s a filter. A media is something you can play since the album artists do not have songs they have no media to play hence why they are currently hidden. I’ll change that for Local device but the behavior is consistent with the naming of the option.

  1. The Album Artist page should be more consistent regarding the data it reports

There’s no album artist page, there’s an album artist list. When you click on an artist you are in the artist page. The duration and track count is the data based on the tracks of the artist, the data displayed is the correct one. Your artist is only a track artist on 1 track. All the tracks from the other albums are from different artists.

If you consider that this artist is also a track artist then you need to add it as an artist in the tags.

I really don’t mean to be annoying or want to “win the argument”, but I disagree with your view (and maybe I’m wrong with that, but I have the impression we can both be right depending on how we see things). AFAIK, there is no universal/official way of tagging audio files and that’s why some players will simply ignore Album Artists (e.g. Add an option to sort Artists by "ALBUM ARTIST" instead of "Artist" · Issue #634 · OxygenCobalt/Auxio · GitHub), but there are also lots of players that perfectly support Album Artists, and your player is one of them, and I’m glad it does.

Since you’re supporting this tag (and that’s you can specifically browse through both tags - artist and album artist), I think it would make sense to make it more consistent.
Another example of inconsistency:

  1. Here, because there is actually no artist with that name, “play” will play all songs from the album artist : (that’s the behavior I expect!)
  2. But here, since “Future Disco” does have some songs as an artist, it will play the artist’s songs : (that’s the behavior I don’t expect!)

Anyway, again, it’s not the end of the world. And thank you for the 1. change, regarding filters.