Album artist vs track artist for Navidrome

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Currently, with a Navidrome server the Album Artist tab and Artist tab show the same artists. This is a problem for compilation albums: for example, the last added song in my library (included in the logs) has “Eminem” as artist, but “Various Artists” as album artist, and is also marked as a compilation in the server.

In Symfonium when I go to Eminem the song is not present in the artist tab, but it is present in the undesired artist “Various Artists”. It seems to me that Symfonium is using “Album Artist” also in “Artists”, and not showing per-song artist.


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Additional information:

Would be a lot easier for me if you actually give the name of the songs and the name of the album :slight_smile:

Song: Lose Yourself
Album: 8 Mile: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture

From the logs the songs is attributed to Eminem and everything properly match.

{"id":"bc1a4fe1a6e1332f5cfe7a45e14e9885","parent":"dbbdb11cb652c15e2a35003443405a93","isDir":false,"title":"Lose Yourself","album":"8 Mile: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture","artist":"Eminem","track":1,"year":2002,"genre":"Rap","coverArt":"bc1a4fe1a6e1332f5cfe7a45e14e9885","size":39487599,"contentType":"audio/flac","suffix":"flac","duration":321,"bitRate":968,"path":"Various Artists/8 Mile: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture/Lose Yourself.flac","discNumber":1,"created":"2022-12-20T18:15:37.108778Z","albumId":"dbbdb11cb652c15e2a35003443405a93","artistId":"26b637ed41273425be243e8d42e5b461","type":"music","isVideo":false}

There’s no way this song is attributed to Various artist from this log.

Can you show me what you see and eventually provide a test account on your server to try to reproduce?

The song itself is indeed attributed to Eminem, but when I go to the “Artists” tab, the song is under “Various Artists” and not “Eminem”. It seems to me that the problem is that in “Artists”, Symfonium is showing the songs under their Album Artist instead of track Artist. I was trying to upload some screenshots but they wouldn’t load, so I will try again later.

Don’t try to imagine how things works, where do you see that? The top tracks from artists are derived directly from the songs but there’s a limit so maybe you just don’t see it under Eminem?

Just checked and indeed, the song appears under Eminem, but only because I have other songs by Eminem. Just checked another album with various artisits from which I do not have “solo” songs:

None of those artists appear in the “Artists” tab. I will prepare a test username for you

So this is a completely different issue that what you reported. And something to fix by Navidrome.

Subsonic API have no concept of album artist in the API. I request all the artist from Navidrome and have them added. End of story, if the artists are not there then they are not returned by Navidrome.
I can not invent them.

So your issue is more than Navidrome only support Album artist and does not handle the other ones.

Ok, thanks anyways :frowning:

Well you could report to them and ask them to come here to discuss :slight_smile:

Deluan is active and responsive.

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Hi, there.

Yeah, currently ND only returns album artists. This will change as part of the big “Multiple-artists” implementation, that is planned to happen soon :tm:

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Did you just say soon??

Yeah, I have this bad habit of saying “soon” for ND features. I always forget that I have a life outside Navidrome’s project. Well, what I meant is that it is on my radar, and I’ve been thinking about the solution for it.


That’s very good news :slight_smile: even if there isn’t an ETA yet it’s good to know that it will be implemented in the future. I guess I will return to this post later on, once it’s already functioning.

Thanks @Tolriq and @deluan for your help.

@nagarrido These are the related issues in Navidrome, if you want to get notified about its progress:

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