Album artist called "Various" is showing up as "Various artists"

Issue description:

I’m not sure this is intended, but I see this behavior as a bug.

Using Local Device I have multiple song files with the Album Artist tag as “Various”; my collection doesn’t actually have any artist called “Various artists”, however that’s what I see displayed everywhere: in the artist list view, in the song details, in the song list view, etc.

The same happens with the Artist tag.

Although I understand this is a cosmetic and low priority bug, I find it annoying given that my collection is properly tagged and I expect the app to use and display the information as it is.



Additional information:

I’m almost sure I saw someone reporting (or I should say complaining about) this issue as part of their rating review.

You are tagging your artists with the MB_ID of various artists.

All the artists with the same MB_ID are merged since the same and since most users have dozens of variation of the name the official name from MB is used as the name to avoid picking up a random value.

This is not a bug, this is what fit 99,99% of the cases.

That’s fine, but just to clarify…
I’m not explicitly setting the actual mb_id (the guid) of the artist anywhere, I’m just setting its name through the TPE1 and TPE2 tags. Are you saying that “Various” matches one of the aliases of the “various artists” in the mb database?

Yes and in a lot of users actual libraries (Including mine)