Album Art doesn't show up consistently in "Now Playing" Screen

Issue description:

Background: I use Symfonium to cache music onto my Pixel phone to listen to during my commute and at work, as I can’t stream from my Jellyfin server. Symfonium functions completely normally when I’m connected to the Jellyfin server at home via WiFi, whether Media is available offline or not.

But If I leave the WiFi connection, playing from my cached music on device, the album art doesn’t show up consistently on the Now Playing screen. Album art DOES show up everywhere else, and music functions normally.

Here is the exact scenario that causes the problem, and it’s 100% repeatable:

Scenario that works:

  • Media available offline is clicked on. This shows only the media that I have downloaded.
  • Connected to home WiFi with Jellyfin server.
  • All album art will show up on the Now Playing screen.

Scenario that doesn’t work:

  • Media available offline is clicked on. This shows only the media that I have downloaded.
  • Disconnect to home WiFi with Jellyfin server.
  • Almost all album art will disappear from “Now Playing” screen. Album art will still show up everywhere else. Symptom doesn’t change even if I cache all album art onto my device.

I would categorize this as a nuisance issue, but disruptive to my music listening experience.


Upload description: adventure-tense

Additional information:

I have uploaded a screen recording that should demonstrate the above scenario perfectly.

Reproduction steps:

Connected to local WiFi that has Jellyfin Server.
Download music for offline caching.
Turn option “Media available offline” to ON. This only shows the media that I have downloaded.
Turn WiFi OFF (leave WiFi that is shared with Jellyfin Server).
Most album art in the “Now Playing” screen, does not show up (a few do for some reason).
Forward to next track and no artwork will show-up in the Now Playing screen.
Album art will continue to show up in “Album view”.
Return to WiFi connection (with Jellyfin Server).
All album art will show up again in the “Now Playing” screen.


Media provider:




From the logs this is “normal” the image that is shown in the now playing screen is not the album art it’s the song art if the provider says it’s different from the album.

And in your case the song arts are not cached, and that is the part that is not normal.

Can you provide new logs, where you offline cache media as you do in your repro so I can see why those images are not automatically cached too as they should.

The issue seems to persist with using my original files (not sure if file type affects it).

If I transcode them onto my device, it seems to show track artwork correctly.

I tested playback with transcoded music tracks.

Transcoding the original tracks doesn’t fully solve the artwork not showing up in Now Playing screen. Its certainly better (album art shows up about 70% of the time).

It’s unrelated as said by mail wait for new version for more logs.

When it works it’s just that the song image was cached, you can enable the option to full cache provider image in host settings or slowly scroll in the song full list to cache all songs images.

Seems to be working. Thanks Tolriq!

In my case I scanned through the 10k of music tracks. But I did turn on the option for caching all images on the media provider (Jellyfin) as well.

Did the most recent update add the fix?

There was no update and nothing have changed yet I’ve explained you the difference between song art and album art. By caching the song art manually it works.

The issue is why it’s not cached by the download manager when you download the tracks, and that will require logs from the next version.

Please update to the last beta on Play Store and provide new logs when offline caching a song to see the issue.