[airsonic-advanced] Symfonium always display 92 albums available

Issue description:

I’m using an airsonic-advanced server (version 11.1.3-SNAPSHOT.20230930223645), symfonium will show 92 albums available in all the albums menus (rediscover albums, all albums, etc). However, when pressing the sync button, I can see symfonium is fetching the thousands of albums I have.
The artists menu show the 12460 artists I’ve in my airsonic db.


debug-20231001_162858.7z (1.4 MB)

Addidional Information:

Running symfonium 5.9.0 (1112) on LineageOS 19.1

The server only returns 925 songs and you have the option delete empty album/genre/artists enabled so they are removed.

This is strange that more artists are not cleared. But there’s a bug in Airsonic with search3 if you have more than those 925 songs for that account.