Airsonic-Advanced Not Syncing With Latest Edge Release

Issue description:

Not sure if this is a Symfonium issue or an Airsonic issue but I’m on the Edge Release 11.1.3-SNAPSHOT.20231203152933 Kagemomiji fork of Airsonic-advanced.

This supposedly has the Search3 built in to support Symfonium, however, I can’t get any media to sync. The scan seems to be capping at 3200 artists and 15001 albums and doesn’t even get to the point of pulling in any songs.




Additional information:

Airsonic-Advanced is installed via Docker if that matters

Unfortunately that fork does not properly support search3. I have not seen much reactions after the reports :frowning:

You need to enable the compatibility mode it should work in that mode.

18:30:55.747 P:Verbose T:SubsonicLogger 
--> [425] GET http://xxx:4040/rest/search3.view?query=%22%22&musicFolderId=0&songOffset=0&songCount=500&albumOffset=0&albumCount=0&artistOffset=0&artistCount=0&u=REDACTED&p=REDACTED&v=1.13.0&c=Symfonium&f=json

18:30:56.145 P:Verbose T:SubsonicLogger 
<-- [425] 200  http://xxx:4040/rest/search3.view?query=%22%22&musicFolderId=0&songOffset=0&songCount=500&albumOffset=0&albumCount=0&artistOffset=0&artistCount=0&u=REDACTED&p=REDACTED&v=1.13.0&c=Symfonium&f=json (398ms, 156-byte body)

18:30:56.146 P:Verbose T:SubsonicLogger 
<-- [425] {
   "subsonic-response" : {
      "status" : "ok",
      "version" : "1.15.0",
      "type" : "Airsonic-Advanced",
      "searchResult3" : {

I ask for the 500 first songs it returns 0 results.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can follow up with Kagemomiji. Unfortunately compatibility mode is a giant no go with a library of this size.

Airsonic is also unfortunately the only server that supports both folder browsing and custom transcoding by file type.

Navidrome and LMS both have folder browsing on their roadmap AFAIK.

@deluan @itm

Gotta admit I’m not incredibly knowledgeable here but I think this makes sense… do you know why Symfonium is trying to pull a MusicFolderID=0 instead of starting at MusicFolderID=1? I checked the subsonic API docs and it “looks” like the ID’s should start at 1?

FYI on what I submitted to Airsonic-Advanced:

I use the IDs returned by getMusicFolders I do not invent them.

If the ID was an issue why does it returns albums and artists with the same ID?

This seems to have been a server side issue. Fixed with pr-338