After a long break, now playing screen sometimes becomes unresponsive

Issue description:

I think the video speaks for itself: Video Unavailable

Every time it happens, it’s because I haven’t opened Symfonium in a while.

Usually, skipping to next song helps to resolve the issue.

It’s not specific to the version I was using, I have seen this issue for a while now.


Upload description: Log 22/04

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Local device



Can you try with the beta ?

Looks like a race during restore, but logs don’t show where.
Does seek 30 works too ?

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I don’t think that seek works, but I’ll try to remember to try next time. I updated to beta, will report back. Thanks!

I still have the issues regularly, here is a perfect example: Watch Screen_Recording_20240626_181950 | Streamable
Log: “log 26 june”
App build: 10.1.5b (12684)

There was many beta since last post and no test of the skip :wink:

With that said you have a sync running, I suppose you enabled the option to sync at app start / auto sync and in that case since the sync takes some times it delays things during the writes.

Stop sync at app start would help, as your library is large.

Yes sorry, I didn’t have the chance to take logs + screen recording. The thing is, the issue doesn’t last that long usually so the issue is sometimes gone by the time I turn debug on and start recording my screen.

I will try to disable auto sync, thanks.