Adjust play speed with greater precision

Feature description:

Tweaking the “Playback speed and pitch” function to support pitch changes of a smaller increment than +/- 10% (0.1x), or allow user to override the playback speed with their own value

Problem solved:

Currently, the function only allows +/- 10% shift in speed. A 10% shift from 1.0x to 1.1x, IMO, is too drastic and a smaller increment of +/- 1% (0.01x), would allow for more subtle changes in speed/pitch

Brought benefits:

Ample benefit as the suggestion will allow for more user freedom

Other application solutions:

Other music player apps such as Poweramp, GoneMAD, Rocket Player all support tempo adjustment by +/- 0.01x (1%) increments

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


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