Adding album to now playing queue

Really loving the app, has actually got me back to playing my music through my Plex server rather than Spotify and also congratulations on hitting the V1 milestone. I am probably still getting used to the user interface but how do I add an album to the end of the now playing queue?

On the home screen I can drag and drop an album (from the Random Albums - probably my favourite feature) and if I tap into the list of albums, drag and drop works but if I tap into an individual album all I can see is buttons for ‘Play’, ‘Shuffle’ or ‘Play Next’ with the ‘…’ menu only giving me the option to add to a playlist (but not the ‘now playing’ one) so I need to go back to the list for drag and drop to allow me to do this.

What am I missing? While Adele and I will disagree on may things, shuffling albums we agree on, is it possible to customise the buttons to provide add to ‘now playing’?

For individual tracks, this functionality is there, just not for albums - it is probably hiding in the settings but I can’t find it.

The row of buttons can be scrolled there’s play, shuffle, play next, queue, personal mix options when something is playing.

Brilliant! Thanks - if that list could be customised like other parts of the UI then that would be fantastic.

So much to discover with your app.

There’s no plan to have configuration for each button of the app at some point it needs to be reasonable :slight_smile:

What I can do is enable drag and drop from the album image at the top to act as in the screen before. That should do it for you since you already use that feature.

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