Add Voice Command to Symfonium

Feature description:

Symfonium is a great app that I use every day, the only thing missing for me is the ability to play songs with voice commands like in Yatse.

Only a few commands like these ones would be great:

  • Play album …
  • Play song …
  • Play artist …
  • Play playlist …

I imagine that it’s not an easy task, and I will fully understand that it will be low priority on your list…

Problem solved:

If you have a big musical collection, it can be sometimes tough to select songs to play (even if the search feature works great, and do the job most of the time).

It will also allow to change the music when you are doing something else with your hands (or your hands are dirty): like cooking, tinkering, gardening…

Brought benefits:

Faster and easier for the user to select music.

Other application solutions:

The way voice commands works in Yatse is perfect. I’m using the Yatse voice command widget on a daily basis and it’s really useful.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Again, something like Yatse: microphone icon on the home screen and a 1x1 widget would be perfect.

You can already use Google assistant if you do not have a preferred service configured in it.

Thanks for your answer. I don’t have a Google account on my smartphone so I cannot use Google Assistant.

I understand though that it’s a big feature to implement just for a small part of your users that do not want to use Google services.

Thanks again for this app. I will keep using it…

Yes for music this does not works very well specially when you start to mix languages :frowning:

For Movies and Tv Shows for Yatse Google kinda works correctly with some training or the AI agent, but for music this is way too hard to reach something of quality.