Add the ability to add Playlists to app homepage

Feature description:

Ideally, they would be able to have a row underneath that acts the same as the others (Recently played etc.).

I personally would like a one button play option from the home page too, if possible - though I know you weren’t keen on this for the Smart Playlist header!

I would be using this in conjuction with a smart playlist set to Random order, so any row would have to be able dynamically handle this refreshing.

Problem solved:

The ability to quickly launch playlists from the home page!

I personally would use this to shuffle all my songs randomly. I can achieve this with the smart playlist header on the home page - but cannot rename it to ‘All Songs’ or such.

Brought benefits:

See above.

Other application solutions:



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Screenshots / Mockup:


That’s not what I said :slight_smile:

For that you can just add your playlist to favorites and have the favorite playlist roles do this.

There’s already a play button over the playlists to play them.


ohh! perfect! thank you. What did you mean? haha

I meant the shortcuts at the top like song mix, … you can add many existing and I could have added to playlists.

But since the favorite row works enough there’s no need :slight_smile:

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ohh i see! great :slight_smile: thanks for the communication, as ever!