Add support for radio browser

Feature description:

Since Symfonium supports internet radio it would be nice to also support

Right now a user that wants to add a station has to manually enter the name, URL, preview URL and so on. With an integration of radio browser one could use metadata to select a station and add it without having to copy&paste it from somewhere.

I know Symfonium is offline usage first but maybe it’s something to consider.

Problem solved:

Having to search for a station outside of the app and then to copy and paste the configuration parameters.

Brought benefits:

convenience and a better UX

Other application solutions:



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This is a duplicate.

To add support for that, I need to change the app rating of the app to Teen+ certifications as it allows access to mature content that I have no control over and can’t offer report tools and the things that Google wants.

This is a too small need to justify that huge impact.

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