Add support for

Feature description:

Add support for to listen to radio stations besides the ones we can add manually by implementing their free API into the app.

Problem solved:


Brought benefits:

Users will be able to listen to radio stations directly in the app without having to use a separate app for that matter.

Other application solutions:

See the “Apps” section at their website for examples of apps that already implemented the API.

Additional description and context: is the link with more information about the API.

Screenshots / Mockup:


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Unfortunately this is not here because of Google rules :frowning:

By adding this feature it opens the users to all the radios of the world directly browsable from the app including explicit radios. This is no more their own content only.

That force me to change the app content declaration and the app can no more be all public but at the very minimum teen (if I include a way for users to report too explicit radios and offer a global way to remove stations) else could even be a mature rating.

Since this would impact discoverability in Play Store that is already really hard, I can’t for the moment.

But you can just copy paste the information in the app, a lot less convenient but vital for now for the app to keep existing.