Add support for Android Automotive OS (different from Android Auto)?

Feature description:

I recognize this is a long shot, as it will needlessly complicate development for the benefit of very few users, but I have to ask - any chance you would consider adding support for Android Automotive OS (which is different from Android Auto, which you already support - thanks for that, btw!)?

Several new car models, including some from Polestar, Volvo, BMW, GM, and others, have infotainment systems that run on Android Automotive OS (“AAOS”). Because these are car infotainment systems, development is strictly controlled by Google to avoid driving distractions (seemingly even moreso than for Android Auto). I’ve linked to a development overview for AAOS above; here’s a guide to creating AAOS media apps. There’s also a media app checklist from Google, but I’m only allowed to include two links. I’m not a developer, so I don’t fully understand the burden that would be involved, but I’m hoping it’s only a few steps beyond implementing Android Auto support.

Implementing AAOS support would allow Symfonium to be added to the AAOS app store and allow drivers of AAOS-based cars to run Symfonium in their cars natively.

Problem solved:

The problem I have is that I drive a Polestar 2, with an AAOS-based infotainment system, but have no reliable way currently to access my home music collection while driving. There are no AAOS-compliant apps available that support subsonic or other similar platforms. The closest I have found is a barebones Plex app for AAOS, but that would require me to install and configure a Plex server at home, and the Plex AAOS app seems not to be under active development. The car has a very basic Bluetooth function, but does not allow the car to display a play queue, much less add or delete songs from it. The car does support Apple Carplay (wired), but I do not have an iPhone. I have purchased a wireless Carplay device that provides a backdoor for running Android Auto, but it only connects with the car occasionally, is generally unreliable, and can’t access the car’s LTE connection. AAOS support for Symfonium would solve all these problems.

Brought benefits:

Adding support for Android Automotive could expand your userbase by tens of users who drive an AAOS-based car (like a Polestar, newer Volvos and Chevys, and even Rivians and Lucids) and who also run their own subsonic server. Maybe I exaggerate - I don’t know if there are ten of us - and I’m already a user, so I don’t think I count. But it would make me happy, for what it’s worth. I would finally be able to access my music collection natively in my Polestar infotainment system. Plus, I would absolutely [strikethrough]spam[/strikethrough] post to the Polestar forums and Reddit channel with excited messages about finally having access to a decent music app on the Polestar 2.

Other application solutions:

As far as I know, there are no subsonic-compatible music players available for AAOS.

Additional description and context:

Look, I get that Google has a terrible track record of supporting its products, and even though AAOS appears to be garnering lots of new support among car manufacturers, it doesn’t seem like Google has made much of a push to get app developers to support AAOS. And I get that the reward for adding AAOS support is likely, ah, speculative at best. I know I’m asking too much. But AAOS currently has no good music apps at all, and I die a little inside every time I drive my new-ish electric car that I really want to love, but can’t because of the lack of good music options. You’d be more of a hero than you already are if you added AAOS support. But I must be honest - I love the app already and will use it even without the AAOS support - just not in my car.

Screenshots / Mockup:

I’m not asking for a visual feature, so I don’t know what kind of screenshot or mockup you might want.

I looked into that some times ago, and for the moment I won’t do that sorry.

The UI system and the restriction are a real pain to allow the necessary configuration to remote servers.

But the most important part, this is tied to Google validation team as is Android Auto.

I’ve lost so many hairs and countless time lost with those random false rejection and completely useless and stupid team that I never want to be near them any time soon.

Even if Polestar offered to pay me to port I’d probably refuse unless they deal with Google on my behalf.