Add songs to playlists from file explorer

Feature description:

The ability to add songs from the files view the way you would from the library.

Problem solved:

It feels asymmetric that the file explorer makes all the other actions; favoriting, play, play next and que all possible but not playlists.

Brought benefits:

Adding songs to the playlist from the files view is arguably the most logical reasons why you would use the file explorer. For example, if you have a music folder and inside that folder there are subfolder/s with songs that are not an album they wont show up as an single unit anywhere in the library where you can perform any mass action on them. You’d have to individually search for the songs in that subfolder to add them to a playlist.

Other application solutions:



Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


File mode is file mode with media that can be missing in library.

Your songs are in the song list and you can easily use smart filter to do what you want.

Oh, If it can be done this way Ill use this method then. Would still be nice if it somehow gets implemented in the future, imo it would be more convenient.