Add songs to playlist from Files view

Feature description:

Currently, it seems to be impossible to add songs to a playlist from the files view (i.e., anything inside Library → Files) except by actually playing the song and adding it to a playlist using the “More actions” menu.

The three-dot context menus in Files should have the same actions as the context menus in, e.g., Songs or Albums.

Problem solved:

I want to be able to add songs to playlists from within the Files view. I want to use the Files view for that, specifically, because I have a bunch of songs that I wouldn’t easily find in other views as they aren’t in any albums.

Brought benefits:

If the context menu for songs would be the same everywhere, this would reduce confusion and thus increase UX. The way it is (and I assume it’s because of technical limitations / not having all the required metadata when opening a folder), it feels kind of unpredictable when the functions I need will be available and when they won’t.

Other application solutions:

Well, Yatse seems to have the same limitation…

Additional description and context:

I’m using Emby as my server

Screenshots / Mockup:

Context menu in Files view:

Context menu in Songs view:

Playlist only support files in library, file mode can display files not in library.

Trying to match things would slow down file mode a lot for no real gain.

You can find all your media easily in library mode via all the search and filters.

There’s typically the list of all songs that have all songs, albums or not.

Okay, I see, that makes sense. I understand if this is not going to be implemented.

However, Emby seems to support this without limitations on the web UI – I can even add whole folders to a playlist. Except… I suppose adding something to a playlist on the Emby server is different to adding it to a local Symfonium playlist (which I could sync to the server), so I’m assuming the difficulty lies there?

Anyway, because you mentioned it: I can’t really easily find my media in library mode because it’s more or less random songs, and the only thing they have in common is the folder I’m storing them in. But I think I can work around this by creating the playlist directly on Emby and syncing it over to Symfonium.

Thanks for the support!

Yes you can, smart filter with folder contains.

And Emby is just one provider in the middle of many.

Ah, thanks for the hint!