Add reverse order to playlists

Feature description:

Sort songs in reverse order using the song Id in the playlist as the sorting basis.

Problem solved:

This way the last song added can be at the top.

Brought benefits:

It’s intuitive that the last song added is at the top, and when you tap into the playlist, the first thing you see is always the newest song

Other application solutions:

Navidrome Web, such as pictures, “Rolling in the Deep” is the first song I added to the playlist and “Blinging Lights” is the last song I added to the playlist, “Blinging Lights” is the latest song

Additional description and context:

It should be noted that what I need is not the existing sorting function!

the existing sorting function is by modifying the Id of the songs in the navidrome playlist to reorder, I’m actually asking for a different set of features to sort directly without modifying the Id. I need exactly the strategy that Navidrome Web uses, Sorting the songs in the playlist by their Id is the basic sorting logic, and sorting them without modifying the song Id is the higher level sorting logic.

Hi user, is it possible to properly fill the mandatory template?

I rely heavily on this feature. I think more efficient for everyone :wink:

I’m sorry. OK, I’ll get right on it.

Hello, I’ve refined my description

Hi, I’ve fixed my description, I hope I described it clearly enough :smiley:

Yes but your version needs that I store the date added in the playlist something I don’t do yet.

So not decided yet as there’s no way to invent the data for older playlists.

Hi, based on your reply I think maybe I didn’t describe it clearly enough. My thinking is based entirely on navidrome. In fact, there is no concept of “add date” for songs in navidrome playlist, navidrome assigns an id to each song added to the playlist, the first song is id 1, the second song is id 2, the third song is id 3. What I want is to sort the id in reverse order, not according to “add date”. Navidrome’s design is excellent because I can change the order of the songs by changing their id, and I also can decide whether the last song is at the top or the bottom by sorting the id in either positive or negative order!

Yes but Symfonium have no order for the playlist, you can sort the playlist and it became the order.

So if you have song 1 2 3 4 then reverse sort you’ll have 4 3 2 1 what you want. But if you add one more you have 4 3 2 1 5. and if you reverse that it’s 5 1 2 3 4 not what you want.

Playlist sort only works if it’s saved with each playlist and have side effects on a few things, so it’s not possible right now to achieve simply.

Hi, blame me for not expressing myself clearly. Your current understanding is actually wrong. Look at my GIF, the id are always 1 followed by 2, 2 followed by 3. When I swap the position of the songs, “rolling in the deep” becomes id 3, “blinding lights” becomes id 2. And the order is always 1, 2, 3.
navidrome 2

So your “4 3 2 1 5” is actually a misinterpretation, according to navidrome’s logic, the newly added song, is 4. such as GIF, always 1 2 3 4 or 4 3 2 1
navidrome id always

So the solution is really simple, just add a reverse order button. What you’re talking about:“Symfonium have no order for the playlist”, I think the current default sorting is a kind of order, just reverse that order, Problem solved.

I perfectly understood and explained that for that to be actually useful it needs to be stored per playlist else it won’t work with many of the offered automation and won’t be logical when dealing with smart playlists that do have orders that can’t be overriden.

As a reminder Symfonium works with dozens of different providers not subsonic related, so repeating that Navidrome have ids does not means anything here :wink:

As another reminder when you click 3 dots you can sort the playlist, so that arrow would need to impact that too, and many other cases that you don’t see.

So no it’s not just do that, it’s never just do that and then it’s maintain that for ever with impact on everything that will touch playlists…

OK, I got it. Thank you so much for your reply and help!