Add "Recently Added Songs" as option for Home Page

Feature description:

With 8.0, we have a plethora of options, one being “Recently Added Albums”. Some, might add songs one at a time, instead of as albums. (And when I say some, I really mean me - :slight_smile: )

Add one more please - Recently Added Songs

Problem solved:

I have a smart playlist that does this already, but would be nice to have it on the home screen

Brought benefits:

Quickly see new music, and if one so chooses, play it as a test to make sure the import was as we had hoped

Other application solutions:

 Not provided 

Additional description and context:

 Its already here in the vast amount of choices and the awesome player we have; Just would like to see it in Home Page, if possible. 

Screenshots / Mockup:



For the record you missed another big 8.0 feature. You can add any playlist as section in home from the playlist 3 dots menu.

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Holy crap!

You just never quit, do you?


I wish other devs had your passion. Amazing work here.

I wish Android users would pay and learn to contact devs instead of stupid bad ratings :slightly_smiling_face:

Dreams :slight_smile:

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