Add playlist tags

Feature description:

Ability to group playlists into folders, similar to Spotify/Apple Music. I don’t think this is supported in any of Symfonium’s providers, so any client-side folder structure would get synced back to the provider as a flat list.

Problem solved:

It’s difficult to browse through the list of playlists for a large library.

Brought benefits:

Better organisation of playlists, easier navigation, ability to match a playlist folder structure from Spotify or Apple Music.

Other application solutions:


Apple Music:

(not shown as I could only add one image to my post)

Additional description and context:

I have a lot of playlists in my library, which in Apple Music I have grouped together into a number of folders, some of which nested. After importing these into Navidrome as a flat list, and then into Symfonium, browsing through these playlists is really difficult. I have no way to recreate my existing folder structure in Navidrome or Symfonium, but I’d be happy with having it just in Symfonium.

I create a new playlist each month, which I have grouped into folders by year, which are inside another “Months” folder. I’ve been doing this for a number of years so I now have quite a few playlists in my library, in addition to other regular playlists I’ve created.

Not sure I like nested folders and infinite things that people can come with.

Specially since no provider support that.

What I can do quickly is adding a filter on that page to quickly filter by name.

I can also eventually add a tag system where you can tag your playlists, and have a first level menu with the tags.

Understandable.A tag system sounds like a great idea though!

Filtering by name would be a big help. It would be nice to have other sorting options too - by most recently created or most recently modified would be nice. I’d probably opt for recently modified as my default.