Add play time of songs in a playlist

Feature description:

In the example I will post, the player app has the ability to show the amount of time to play all the songs in that playlist. Certainly not a necessary addition, but kinda cool to see how long it would take to play through that entire playlist.

Problem solved:

Wouldn’t solve any issue at all, just a nicety. :slight_smile:

Brought benefits:

Just show more details about your library

Other application solutions:

PlayerPro and Rocket Player both can do this, and it works very well.

I’ll circle in this screenshot what I am trying to relay to you…

It’s already there …

Is it a setting somewhere I’ve missed?

No settings, it there’s everywhere except smart playlists as calculations would cause performance issues.

OK, acceptable. It wasn’t a necessary feature at all anyway, it was just something I’d glance at occasionally in the other players

Thanks for the clarification!

You (sneakily) ADDED this feature for us!!


Honestly, this was the only thing I missed at ALL about any of my previous players!