Add option to remove Go To artist(s)

Feature description:

My library is not the best tagged possible, mainly due to foreign language tracks (greek).
When tapping on the 3-dots button in the song library, there is an endless list of artists. I have to scroll waaay down to make file offline available and see other info.

Ideally, I would like a button to hide that, or at least limit the list.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Attaching screenshots, there where 6 screens of artists, attaching one

Sorry but this is a too specific need to workaround your tagging issue.

There’s many tools to automate and fix tags, I can’t even imagine a reason for a song or an album to have so many artists. This will have impacts on many other part of the apps and in all cases should be fixed for a proper experience.

Library mode require proper metadata.

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It’s ok, I get it. It makes sense.
It prolly has to do with the fact that my files are spread in folders, which are not necessarily in the strict order of artist/album/song. I’ve always faced lot’s of issues due to this and I’ve always tried to find ways around it.

What provider do you use ? Tags should be in the files and not generated from the folder hierarchy.

I am using Jellyfin as a provider.
I take it it’s a limitation of Jellyfin, looked it up, they do have some strict naming schemes for the hierarchy of the folders.

Hum no Jellyfin should work properly from just the tags.

Unless the tags are really wrong and you have hundreds of songs in a single folder and it decide that it’s a single album. But that should be rare.

Issue lies with Jellyfin.
Switched to Emby and everything is working as supposed to!
No issues, with the same files and the same file structure!

Also, please wrap/port the app to run on Linux please and Android TV (though the cast button is more than enough)
It’s amazing!