Add option to remove duplicates in playlists

Add a warning box to notify user if the song you’re trying to add already exists in the playlist.

The thing is that you can add much more than a song to a playlist but a full artist or genre, that would make everything slow and complex, with skip, add anyway, cancel …

Furthermore most provider to support duplicates in playlists and some users actually want that to increase chance to listen to them (Even if there’s better ways)

If I was to add anything it would maybe be a remove duplicates option menu in the playlist itself.

If you’re adding a whole artist/album/genre, I’d say just do the same thing spotify does; prompt to add only new ones or add all.

I really dont want duplicates in my playlists and its really annoying to scroll through hundreds of songs to make sure that I haven’t added a specific song before. So I would really appreciate any sort of way to avoid duplicates.

This is not as simple as Spotify due to being multi provider multi library, some users have duplicate songs that are not presented by the server as duplicate (so != ids but still same file, meaning the checks are very complex).
The simple solution would be to avoid duplicates at the database level, but again since some providers support them, when importing playlist the content would be different and bad UX.

I’ll see to add a remove duplicate option in the playlist if that works for you but the rest would be too slow and complex for a very specific need.

Yes that would work, thanks for your effort! :pray: