Add Most Played (Play Count) to Home

Feature description:

Add most played songs to home just like recently added songs with a numbered list with play count number.

Problem solved:

Although I have created a smart-playlist to automatically add my most played songs it’s something I’ve been used to in local music players like Poweramp, retro music. It would be cool if we could add additional song details to playlist tracklist.

Brought benefits:

Convenient access to most played music just like recently added music or recently played.

Other application solutions:

Poweramp has this feature where it’s integrated into the navigation with an automatically generated list of songs/streams.

Additional description and context:

I’ve attached images of what I mean.

Screenshots / Mockup:

If possible please provide screenshots of your idea of the implementation or how other application do this.

As you said smart playlist are here for that, and this is part of the default one that you can import.

You can favorite the playlist to have it in home, and you can configure additional song information to display the play count.

Everything is already there.

Oh I didn’t realize I could. I successfully added it in. I still can’t see play count as an additional detail in the song list inside the playlist track list although I see it in my general song library. Any way to add this in?

Yes will be fixed for next release, just missing the field in the query.