Add more "Player cache size" options for phones having "large storage"

Dear Symfonium Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I bought the android app few days ago. App qui

I wanted to bring to your attention a feature request that I believe would be a quick-win for users having large phone storage space & who not aware of songs they need to add to offline cache pro-actively (like me :slight_smile: ).

As you know, mobile phones today often have large storage capacities (256 GB, 512 Gb, …). With this in mind, I suggest adding more options for the “Player cache size” in the app’s settings.

=> These added options could be 8192 MB, 16384 MB, and 32768 MB new sizes for instance.

Providing more control over the app’s player cache size would be a valuable addition to your app, and it could be implemented quickly. Am I wrong?

Thank you for your consideration, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,


There is a template for a reason, mostly also to make you think about the need and not the solution you imagine.

The playback cache is just a temporary cache, there’s no guarantee that media will be kept or anything.

With large storage usually users have a few smart playlist to actually offline cache what they could need.

Infinite playback cache does not really add any benefits, unless you always play the same thing, but if you always play the same thing then offline cache if what you need.


Add more cache options plz. I play flac files and I want to save mobile data. Often I play some albums multiples times in a few days, but after then, I never play them again in weeks. I have a large collection so I don’t want to put all offline.

4 Gb is too small cache size. I know what you are saying but please, let us choose what we want. I am pretty sure I need more.

Thank you Tolriq :slight_smile:

Hint: There’s tags on the threads :wink: But again there’s 0 guarantee that the media will stay in the playback cache. This is probably not the best solution for your needs.


Sorry, I didn’t saw the tag. Thank you!!