Add font 'Lexend Deca' in Typography

Feature description:

I love the fonts present in Symfonium and myself i am using the “Symfonium” typography. I want to request you to add a new font to the list called “Lexend Deca” of the Lexend font family. I have specifically chosen “Lexend Deca” from the many available in the Lexend font family because it feels appropriate for the app because its not too big in terms of character spacing.

Problem solved:

Lexend Deca font looks more modern and unique to sans-serif fonts and also removes ambiguity between alphabets when typed. Example: ‘Illenium’ in this artist name, the capital ’ i ’ and ’ l ’ is not distinguishable with normal sans-serif fonts like ‘Roboto’. Lexend also is easier to read as mentioned by their website.

Brought benefits:

Improved readability, no more ambiguity between letters and also modern looking font :wink:

Other application solutions:

check out this website for more info about the font and how the font looks 

Additional description and context:

 Google Fonts link:

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Screenshots / Mockup:


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