Add drag targets to the headerbar for the queue drawer

Feature description:

When viewing the queue, it is very easy to swipe close the queue drawer if you are at the top of the list.

However if you are in the middle of the list you have to manually tap the touch target at the very top of the screen. I had intuitively tried to swipe down on the larger header section which includes the queue name now.

Could this be added as a draggable touch target so I can easily swipe the queue closed if I am in the middle of a large queue?

Problem solved:

Usability with modern large phones.

Brought benefits:

A more intuitive feeling navigation when working with play queues.

Other application solutions:



Additional description and context:

If you look at the mockup, I have highlighted the region I would like to have draggable for closing the drawer.

Screenshots / Mockup:



Unfortunately no, due to Google bugs with bottomsheets and nestedscrolls.
If one day they fix that then it will work like that as it should.

But you can just use the back gesture to close the list.

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Appreciate the detailed response Tolriq.
I didn’t think to try the back gesture since the list items can be swiped, I will use the back gesture in the meantime.

Thank you!