Add delete cached song confirmation button

Feature description:

I love this app in any way, but during the setup i encountered a small issue, i’m the type of user which clicks on everything, when setuping something, loeading to some unexpected behaviours XD. I wanted to check, if all the songs were downloaded from my jellyfin server and i acidentelly deleted all my cached songs i was downloading for a while. It would be nice to have a confirmation button like: Do you really want to delete all 93 cached songs? before the deletion.

Problem solved:

It prevents the user drom acidentelly deleting something + i think its a good practise to have a confirmation button on every deletion related things.

Brought benefits:

The user can be a bit more sure of what they are doing and reducing their pain by a little.

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Screenshots / Mockup:


There’s already a dialog for confirmation on all those buttons.

Where did you click?

Ohh, i’m so sorry, it has been already resolved. Sorry for taking your time. Have a great rest of your day.