Add custom HTTP headers in media providers

Feature description:

Add fields to custom HTTP headers when connecting to media providers (other header that basic authentication).

Problem solved:

I used Navidrome as server behind Cloudflare tunnels and it could be interesting to custom HTTP headers in media providers.

As now, we can use a proxy username and password to set a Authorization: Basic*** HTTP header but we cannot add custom headers.

For your information, I can reach my Navidrome server with curl with the following curl command :

curl -i "https://my.navidrome.server" -H "CF-Access-Client-Id: xxxx" -H "CF-Access-Client-Secret: xxxx"

Brought benefits:

Improve security for self hosted servers.

Other application solutions:



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Screenshots / Mockup:


Hello, and thank you for this great application !

@Tolriq Thank you ! I’ll try it.