Add auto-sync for local media library

Feature description:

Symfonium would need auto-sync for local media library (triggered by file addition or file change (tags)).

Problem solved:

I’m using Syncthing to share my ~100GB OPUS256 audio media library between devices. So everything is automatic except Symfonum which require manual sync each time I add an album or change a tag.

Brought benefits:

Auto-sync is a must have feature for any modern media player.

Other application solutions:

Poweramp does auto-sync.
Seems that Poweramp is not using SAF , but is using its custom parser on standard Android Media Scanner.

Additional description and context:

not needed

Screenshots / Mockup:

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So again as explained this is not possible with SAF … The API just does not allow that.

Next version have a toggle to scan at start of the app in SAF mode.

But as also explained if you want the same mode as Poweramp use the same mode?

Add local device with Android media scanner and Symfonium custom parser and it will auto sync.

All is explained in the doc .

Thanks for the reply. I know that using Android default scanner solves the autosync problem.

The reason why I use Symfonium scanner is because its the only way I found to correctly handle multiple genres (double quote separated). When using Android scanner, even with Symfonium parser : multiple genres are not processed, as well as some other tags.

Poweramp doesnt have this problem.

There should be no difference. Open an issue about your issue then … Logs details files to reproduce.


I was wrong :

  1. switching to “Android Media scanner + Symfonium parser” doesn’t fix the auto-sync problem : I still have to sync manually.
  2. and it seems that the multi-genre parsing problem is fixed since the last time I tried setting Android scanner + Symfonium parser (~ 3 months ago).

I have a debug of the database initialization (scanning + parsing)

debug.log (5.3 MB)

And yes Android Media Scanner fix your issue, on app start from kill a check is made and sync run if there’s changes.

If you want faster sync you press the sync button yes. Data integrity and performance matters.

I’m also using Syncthing and SAF, and I solved the auto-sync issue by using the Automate app. Gets the job done without any drama. (336 Bytes)