Add Auto-Full-Sync Feature

Feature description:

Add a feature that triggers a library full-sync from time to time. This sync could be configurable to happen only once a week AND only when connected to Wi-Fi AND only if the device is attached to a charger (or something like that), you get the idea.

Problem solved:

After I learned that it is not possible for some backends (e.g. Jellyfin) to automatically incrementally sync some data like favorites as described here:

It seems like the only way for Jellyfin users is to manually trigger a full-sync from time to time. Problem is that usually at the moment you notice that data is not sync, it is a bad moment to trigger a full-sync because you are maybe just on the road or something. Also it takes time and it is not nice to manually.

Brought benefits:

It would mitigate the lack of incremental syncs for such backends, and it would remove the need to trigger a manual full-sync for the user (in most cases).

Other application solutions:

Implement an incremental sync API for affected backends :slight_smile:

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


You can already use the API and Tasker or Automate to sync when you want with all the pre requisite you want.

I can’t build something as nice as those, specially with all the permissions issues.

Sync occurs when you add media automatically too.

One day they may add the API endpoints to as least easily detect important user data changes to trigger auto syncs.

Okay, thank you. Fair point. I am using Tasker anyway, so I will surely give it a try!