Add AAC support to internal decoder (without xHE crash)

Issue description:

I’ve been experiencing an issue with the Symfonium app since the 6.1.0 update. Specifically, I have noticed that music playback is distorted for only certain random files and that too at random times, and this distortion seems to occur irrespective of the codec used.

To troubleshoot, I have enabled the “Prefer Internal Codec” option within playback settings. Interestingly, when I disable this option while a distorted music file is playing, the same music file then plays correctly without any distortion. Furthermore, re-enabling the prefer internal codec does not revert the file to its distorted state.

I didn’t report the issue earlier as I was hoping the newer update might fix this issue as it didn’t exist before this update. However, the frequency of distorted playback has increased with the recent 7.0.0 update, in my experience.


Log 1 (taken when a file played in distortion): (2.4 KB)
Log 2 (same file playing but momentarily toggled prefer internal codec off and then on again): (44.8 KB)
Log 3 (different file playing in distorted state): (9.6 KB)


Additional information:

In those logs you are always playing aac files and those are always played by the device.

I’ll add aac to the internal decoder and it will probably workaround your device issue.

I watched it too (flac). It’s random. Turning off the equalizer helped. Now I have eq. on and there is no distortion

Thanks, I’ll wait for the update and in the mean time, if I encounter the issue with the other codec, I’d upload the logs.

I’ve never enabled the equalizer, but I’ve always preferred the internal codec in the playback settings from the time I began using Symfonium. This problem didn’t exist prior to the mentioned update. I assumed that disabling the internal codec would serve as a temporary fix, yet the problem continued, requiring me to switch the ‘prefer internal codec’ option on and off each time a song played with distortion.

AAC support in internal decoder was disabled to support xHE since Android is supposed to properly support that.

Seems your device does not and causes those issues. Enabling / disabling the option just force Android to reset so seems to fix this for a while.

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of options, I can fix your device or crash on xHE for now, I can’t find a way to have both.

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Your commitment and assistance are valued but I kindly ask that you prioritise the needs of the majority. I have a log from a different device, if this helps otherwise I’d be okay with toggling on/off due to my own device issue. (34.0 KB)

Both needs are rare, not a lot of broken devices and not a log xHE content, but seems there’s more chances that xHE gain popularity than new broken devices.

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