Add a way to "Play Next" any song in the current queue

Feature description:

In the Queue view, add a way to “play next” for songs instead of having to drag them up, scroll, drag, scrol, etc…

Maybe re-use the long-press & drag used to add songs from other views to the queue (which I only discovered while loooking for duplicates of this feature request)

Problem solved:

Re-organizing a queue can be painfully frustrating at times. Specific example:
Getting songs that are far down in the queue and bringing them up to be next to be played

Brought benefits:

Less scrolling and shuffling around, more getting to the good stuff :slight_smile:
I believe this would make quick re-organizing a queue (especially a shuffled one) more enjoyable

Other application solutions:

The previous app I was using, Musicolet, gave advanced queue organisation tools that allowed for quicker re-ordering. I was mostly using play next, which seems like the most important from my POV

Additional description and context:

Digging a bit into my routine and why this makes sense. I usually queue my full favorite list so that I don’t have to think too hard about what to listen to when going to work, shopping, etc… but I often still go and do a bit of reordering to make sure I’m happy with whatever coming up next (Yes, I’m a pain)
That is made harder by Symfonium not giving me an easy way to “play next” for songs in the queue. the further down I go, the harder it gets.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Sorry, no mockup here. But since this behavior exists elsewhere in the app (which I’m unable to screenshot) I hope this would not be too hard.

PS: Great app and incredible dedication to your user base :slight_smile:

Next release will have swipe actions on the entries to quickly move to next and remove items.

With that said you might want to test the personal mixes functions, to never have to reorder your queues.

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Thanks for getting this implemented so quickly.

I’ve taken a look at personnal mixes and they seem to be generating with a lot of songs that I’ve listen to recently at the top, which might be because my Navidrome instance is still fresh and thus songs with play count higher than 0 have necessarly been listened to recently.

I’ll give it time.

Yes it needs some data and be sure to have a recent Navidrome version so that the server lastplayed time is correctly returned.

I’m running the latest stable, I should be good :slight_smile: