Add a section "Online Only Playlist" which like Plexamp & Finamp's Online Only Playlist

Hello developers, I’m a navidrome server user.

Feature description:

The existing playlist is offline first. I would like to add an online only playlist, which is playlist with the same synchronization logic as plexamp and finamp: any changes to playlist will be automatically synchronized to server, and PlayList will automatically read the latest data from server every time it is accessed (picture1)

When I click on playlist(only online), it lists all the Playlists of online servers, and I can show/hide the playlist of any server with the top button (picture2)

Problem solved:

I don’t know why you developers don’t feel uncomfortable in the process of using apps. Do you only use one mobile phones? And I say that because I have multiple devices >>> I can’t remember which device′playlist has changed on >>> So I need to download from cloud EVERY TIME I use playlist & upload to cloud EVERY TIME I edit playlist to confirm that the playlist is not sync error

I think plexamp users and finamp users might not switch to symfonium.Because symfonium’s offline first playlist synchronization logic is completely different from plex/jellyfin/navidrome, at least as a plex/jellyfin/navidrome user, and as a NAS cloud online user, the offline first synchronization logic is confusing to me

Brought benefits:

If the app adds an online only playlist that copies from plexamp and finamp, then I’m sure plexamp user and finamp user will be very willing to switch to symfonium, They will have a better listening experience. symfonium will get more and more users. Because for now, Symfonium is like Infuse Pro on iOS – it’s the only app that’s beautiful and powerful

Other application solutions:

In fact, this feature is very simple and basic for all apps except symfonium

Additional description and context:

I understand that symfonium developer is ambitious. symfonium is a very powerful app. But the current playlist design, is not enough for the cloud online only user, you should add a online only playlist like plexamp & finamp, I’ve already paid for Symfonium because overall it’s a good app

Screenshots / Mockup:

Duplicate and you perfectly know that …
Spamming won’t make things go faster, if anything this will just annoy me enough to change my mind and not implement this at all …

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I didn’t fully describe my problem before, and I think I may not have described clearly what I want to say, so I officially opened this request.and used the previous reply.Now that I know, you may know what I mean

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