Add a "Now Playing" icon to the currently playing song

Feature description:

Add a “now playing” icon or indicator to the currently playing song or album playing.

Problem solved:

When I’m listening to an album I have to search a bit for the title of the song I’m currently listening to to see how far I am into the album.

Brought benefits:

It helps with seeing immediate feedback when selecting a song, as well as being able to easily identify where the song is in the album when playing back a random playlist.

Other application solutions:

Apps such as Spotify use a small animation to indicate which song is currently selected and is playing.

Additional description and context:

I don’t think I sold the idea very well but it’s a little feature that I see in most other music playing apps that I feel is missing.

My idea is that when you select a song, the title changes to the global accent color, and a small icon indicating that this song is selected and is playing appears, maybe a speaker or something. Additionally, there could also be an indicator on the album the currently playing song is in, such as an icon over the artwork or next to the title.

There’s the current queue to see how far you are from the end.

Anyway Symfonium is a lot more complex than Spotify in the type of data used there’s not 1 simple stable Id that identify things.
It’s even worse with playlists or media played from file mode.

For albums there’s too many different display modes to have something nice and consistent.

For songs, while it might be possible in album details, there’s also many other places with different display and data that would not contains the necessary info.

TL;DR this is not really possible in an efficient way currently.

Hey that’s fair enough, thanks for the reply, I’ve really been enjoying the app so far!