Add a manually defined 'Related Artists' section at the bottom of the Artist Details page

Feature description:

This could be defined via a tag, or set in the app database manually (would this be transferrable across rescans?).

It would be nice to be able to quickly jump to related artists on an Artist’s page.

For example: Radiohead → Thom Yorke, Atoms for Peace, The Smile, Jonny Greenwood, EoB etc.
Caribou → Daphni

Problem solved:

Quickly remember related music that might be not under the same artist tag, or appropriate to tag with those artists as a multi-artist.

Brought benefits:

See above.

Other application solutions:

I use custom tags in Musicbee to acomplish the same thing. eg. Atoms for Peace and Thom Yorke will both be tagged with ‘Radiohead; Atoms for Peace; Thom Yorke’ in the ‘Artist group’ tag. I then view my collection filtered by the Artist Group tag, and then seperated by customly defined headers. However, in a mobile interface, I think the simplest, and least cluttered way of doing things would simply be to have links to ‘Related artists’ at the bottom of the Artist details page.

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


Symfonium already have the concept of tags (collections in some providers) that could fit this.

But AFAIK there’s no official mp3 TAG to do that.

Cool thanks, I could try using Artist tags. How do I set these? Can’t find any information online about it.

That’s the point :slight_smile: There’s currently no official TAG to handle those it’s only handled by the providers via their GUI.

The simple solution would just to create 2 TXXX values to support artist and albums collections, but is this worth the trouble if only you use that ?

Ah I see. That’s your call I suppose - I’d definitely appreciate it! And I’m sure some others might use it too, if not now, in the future.

Another way you can accomplish this is by creating a custom genre (following your example something like: “Radiohead Music”) and assign it to the songs of all those related artists. In the artist page you will see the genre, you can click on it and you will get a view with the associated Artists, Albums and Tracks

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