Add a library shortcut to display recently released albums on the homescreen

Feature description:

It is currently possible to display recently added albums on the server, but not to display recently released albums.
So I would like to see added an option to display on the homescreen recently released albums using their release date (full date YYYY-MM-DD).

Problem solved:

The current view displaying all new albums added on the server is a mix-bag of musics newly released by artists and old music recently added on the server. Since I often add a lot of old music, new releases are lost among them and don’t stand out.

Brought benefits:

An easy way to see what is really new.

Other (maybe useful) infos

I’m using Navidrome with the latest image pulled from the develop branch.

Well subsonic does not support album release date so even with the option it would not work for you :frowning:

Would there be any chance for an improvement with the new api I saw talk about?

Well yes, but seeing that Deluan is ultra busy currently and that the project does not move if I do not push it myself a lot, this will take a lonnnnng time.