Add a feature to add empty playlist (not smart one)

Feature description:

Ability to add manual playlist (not smart playlist). Enough to add only the name of playlist which can be sync to server., and can be added files into it.

Brought benefits:

No need to install emby app to just add the name of new playlist.

Other application solutions:

Only official emby app can add empty playlist

Screenshots / Mockup:

On the playlist menu, add a button above to add empty playlist, and just name it…

What does it solve or bring?

You can create playlists with media in them from Symfonium with the name you want. If you want to create an empty playlist to add something in it from another app, then maybe the request is for the other app to support playlist creation but this is not related to Symfonium.

Then how to create empty playlist with symfonium? You don’t understand, what i need is symfonium can create empty playlist and just name it.

Actually you do not understand.

I asked why? What problem does this solve?

Then show me how to create a playlist with the name, because i tried smart playlist, i need to make a rule foe the song i added. I just want tp create a name playlist but empty, so then i can browser the folder and select multiple aong i wish to add into new playlist… i don’t talk to other app to create playlist. I want to create it under symfonium… show me please step by step if you say symfonium can make an empty playlist with the name i put… then show me how to add the song into the playlist inside the folder i browse… i want to add song later after new playlist created.

You are exhausting and still do not explain anything…

Any time you press add to playlist there’s a big create playlist button to create a playlist and add the items in it.

There’s never the need to create an empty playlist first.

I didn’t find the add to playlist button… Where is it? On library then tap files and browse the folder, i didn’t see add to playlist button. But on the songs or genre icon, i can find add to playlist button. Why you didn’t put that button when browsing folder on files icon?

I attach the screenshot when browsing folder with songs, when multiselect some songs, would u please add to playlist button, same as when in genre or songs mode?

Ok so nothing is related to creating an empty playlist … So much time lost …

You can’t add media from file mode to playlists, Symfonium only support items in the library for that.

Then, will you add this feature to add to playlist on files mode? Because it’s easy for me to find the song by files mode, because it was saved on some folder… moreover some of my songs do not have ID3 tag, so it would hard to find in library mode…

No I won’t I just explained it.
You can use smart filters to quickly only see the songs from any folder