Abnormally low bitrate displayed for MP3 VBR files

Feature description:

I’ve observed that MP3 files purchased from Amazon are displayed in “now playing” with a bitrate of 56 kbps. If this was true, the music would sound terrible. I think Amazon uses a variable bitrate (VBR) around 250 kbps. On the other hand, M4A VBR files from Bandcamp are displayed properly.

Problem solved:

Correct display of (average) bitrate for audio files of all formats.

Brought benefits

Knowing the (average) bitrate is a valuable indicator for the audio quality of a music file. It would be great to have it displayed accurately.

Other application solutions:

GMMP reports a much higher (about 4-fold) bitrate for the files in question, which looks reasonable.

Additional description and context:


Screenshots / Mockup:

Symfonium (56 kbps):

GMMP (240 kbps), same audio file:

I would need the file to confirm but yes ExoPlayer does not properly return bitrate when there’s a lame header for VBR file.

How should I send the file to you?

You can upload it anywhere and send the link via a PM.

The bitrates are reasonable now. However, they seem to be consistently 7 kbps higher than what GMMP reports. don’t know though which app is right.

The eternal Kilo/Kibi stuff, but next release will use ffmpeg values for consistency accros all part of the apps. So will probably display another value :slight_smile: