Ability to tap on lyrics to scrub through song

Feature description:

Unless I am making a mistake, the way this currently works is that if we have the timestamp next to the lyrics enabled then we can tap on the timestamp and it takes us to that point in the song. But if the timestamp is disabled then just tapping on the lyrics does not do anything. Would be nice if the same behaviour could be implemented just when tapping on the lyrics as well if possible.

Problem solved:

I like the more clean layout of lyrics when the timestamp is disabled. It would be nice to also have the ability to move to any point in the song using just the clean lyrics view instead of the timestamps.

Brought benefits:

A cleaner lyrics view + the ability to scrub through the song

Other application solutions:

Lyrics implementations on other apps like Plexamp or even Spotify and Apple Music already have this behavior.

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup: