Ability to search by song in Android Auto

Feature description:

Right now, Android Auto only supports finding songs by artists or albums or anything recent. My use case of the app is using it more for podcast and audiobooks I have hosted in Jellyfin as it works really well. For me, artist and album are not something I search on.

I am looking for the same or similar song search that’s available in the app now

Problem solved:

Find songs easily in Android Auto

Brought benefits:

Create a more complete experience to Android Auto. For other users, this can be used to find a song that they already know the name of without pulling out their phone to start it or having to favorite/queue the song up in advanced

Other application solutions:

I haven’t used any other app extensively to know if they have a solution to this. At first glance it doesn’t seem like other major apps do not allow for this specific feature in the name of not being distracted while driving

Additional description and context:

The more details the better to understand the need and figure out the best solution.

Screenshots / Mockup:

If possible please provide screenshots of your idea of the implementation or how other application do this.

A list of 300 000 songs does not work on Android auto, even a list of 15 000 songs is not usable.
There’s also rules on Android Auto to be validated we can’t do what we want.

And you are supposed to use voice commands for that usage.

Android Auto is supposed to expose an actual search function where you can type more letters to search but it’s broken.

So yes if Android had a working search feature it would search in songs. But no a global list of songs just can’t work on Android Auto for usability, security and even technical POV.