Ability to relocate/hide the main screen tabs

Feature description:

Currently, the main screen tabs are located at the bottom of the app in mobile portrait mode. I would like to request a feature to be able to move the tabs to the top.

Another option that would solve this problem is to hide the tabs (and make it accessible with a different UI pattern), but my personal preference is to move them to the top since I use the control a lot.

Problem solved:

When I’m scrolling lists (especifically when I’m scrolling down), the compact player interferes with my scroll gesture, this is because the natural position of my thumb usually touches the compact player, causing it to expand (since I’m moving my thumb up). This happens because the compact player is positioned a bit high in the UI, on top of the tabs control.

Brought benefits:

Besides solving this scrolling issue, I think this will give users a better experience when migrating from other apps that follow this standard pattern where tabs are located at the top and the player at the bottom.

Other application solutions:

 Half of the app players out there only display the compact player at the bottom of the app, and they usually place the tabs control at the top; I do remember using a player (Musicolet) that has this particular ability to relocate the tabs control to top or bottom. 

Other apps replace this tab pattern with a slide menu that comes out from the left, that might be another solution but I don’t personally like it since it is not always visible.

Additional description and context:

 I’m considering this feature for portrait mode only, since placing the tabs to the left in landscape mode looks ok to me.

Attaching a mockup on how the tabs would look at the top of the app. If this design is implemented we might want to relocate the progress bar to the top of the compact player. 

Screenshots / Mockup:



Sorry but this is an anti pattern, ugly and hard to reach zones.

You can already hide the tab bar by only leaving 1 tab in settings and add shortcuts to home page for example.

Next version will have the missing Library and Search shorcuts added to home, and a possible search button to library tab too to cover the missing cases.

That works for me, thanks.