Ability to import multiple playlists

Not much more to add here. For those of us with several of them it’ll take quite some time to bring them all over. Perhaps longpressing or checkboxes are appropriate here?


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No real plans for that as the number of options will increase when dual side syncs and other things are added.
This is after all a one time thing.

The why not solution I had but not fully decided on was an import all button visible as long as there’s no currently imported playlist.

I’d take an import all button then delete the 10-15 playlists I don’t want at the time for sure! At the moment, adding playlist by playlist is pretty time consuming despite being a one time thing.

How many playlists do you have ?

Version 0.9.6 (the last one) had a big performance update to improve the playlist import speed should help a lot too.

Currently 63! It runs well.

Same suggestion here.
Would be very useful, if we could have a button “Import all playlists”.


Check the thread tags :wink:

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