Ability to edit remote playlists

Hey! I’m currently using Symfonium as my main client for connecting to my funkwhale pod, but here lies a small issue. I have a number of playlists stored there and I can index them in the app. But unfortunately I cannot edit them, nor append any music to them. And Local playlists would not really suffice as I really want them to stay synced between the clients. My question is, can you allow playlist editing for those songs that are from the same media provider as the playlist? Thanks!

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As explained on another place, this triggers many UI/UX issues, specially when you start to add media providers that have no API to edit those.

What kind of playlist do you create and how often do you edit them. A large parts of the needs can be addressed with Smart Playlists and favorites for example.

I hand pick music for listening when playing a specific game, or pick out similarly themed ones. Maybe I want to collect a bunch of singles in one place and edit them wherever I feel like it. Using a separate client for it works but gets kinda annoying to me, so just thought about it, think would be nice. And if a media provider API does not support playlist editing, maybe just not allow it then? :thinking: Think it would be cool

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Remember that the app is multi provider and makes it’s easy to forget from where the data comes from because the users should not care about it as all is automatic.

Let say you have Local Device / Kodi / Subsonic and media from all of them and playlist for all of them.

User will never understand why some songs can be added to some playlist or not (And how to explains the user to toggle an option that make the playlist half editable) And then when he enable editing the playlists why when he edit on Kodi Kodi have not the updated version since it does not support it but Subsonic is synced dual ways.

Then add the fact that Symfonium is offline first. So you can edit your playlists when not connected to the server. Then someone else edited the playlist on the server too before you reconnect. Who wins, how do you deal with differences and everything.

Allowing edits of the playlist only when connected makes it worse for the user to understand WTF is going on.

So there’s dozens of things that could go wrong, generating tons of support, I really think read only / automatic single direction sync solves 95% of the needs without any of the problems duals sync could bring.

About the multiproviding, I think a simple icon of the media provider near a playlist would solve the confusion problem. And when the scenario with desyncing a playlist from the server occurs, i think it would be reasonable to just queue the edits that have been applied offline and then send the api calls when online. Or just do not apply any changes when you can’t immediately send necessary api calls to the subsonic server in the first place :thinking: Like a pop up saying “Can’t apply changes: not connected to the server” would probably suffice

Adding my +1 to this request. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I only have one music server, which runs Plex. I suspect single server covers 95% of users, and anyone who has more than one server is probably smart enough to work out why they can’t edit a playlist.

it is really annoying to have to get out of Symfonium and in to Plex just so that I can edit a playlist I imported. I think I’m smart enough to work out why I can’t edit my playlist sometimes (e.g. I’m offline, or it came from a server that doesn’t support it); if it’s really an issue, then just add an error message when the action is attempted “Can’t edit playlist because you are offline” or “Can’t edit playlist because Plex does not support this”.

So I warn first : This answer will be sarcastic, joke, whatever don’t take it personally, bla bla bla.

You are not smart enough to read the changelog or the tags of this feature to see that’s it’s already implemented :wink:

LOL, there’s a reason why. I didn’t update to 1.9 yet. I’ll update and give it a try.

I guess I need to delete and re-import the playlists after updating?

It depends if you imported them as copy or as read only.

Thanks, it worked, but I did need to remove and re-import the playlists first. I notice when I imported, I got another copy of the playlist, so now they are all there twice. I have around 70 playlists, and it will be painful to delete them all manually. Any way to delete all playlists at once so I can re-import them?

No :slight_smile: It will be fast don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, doing it manually now :frowning:

Hello, sorry to bother but for some reason after reimporting a playlist I’m unable to add any music to it :thinking:

Here’s a showcase
debug-20220912_183438.zip (42.1 КБ)

Arf small difference in answer in funkwhale. :frowning:

Will fix for next release.

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