Ability to download to visible storage

I’d like to be able to transfer my files to an offline player other than my phone. In my case, I swim a lot and have a set of bone-conductor headphones which can store files locally (Bluetooth does not work underwater). The headphones work like a flash drive when plugged into, e.g. an Android phone with USB-C. I’m sure there are several other examples of such players.

It would be nice to be able to download a playlist from Synfonium to a location on my phone which I can then access via any file manager to transfer onto my headphones. Currently there seems to be very little control over where the downloaded files go. My phone doesn’t support an SD card, and when I plug in my flash storage, it doesn’t show up as an option in Settings->Advanced->Downloads. The only unchangeable option I have is “Internal Storage”. I assume that it currently downloads to the “Data” partition, which is impossible to access without root.

Would it be possible to provide an option to change the download location to either some visible directory on the phone, or even add an option to download directly to a plugged in flash drive.

Offline cache is offline cache and can’t be moved due to Google restriction.

There’s on many place the save to download folder that export the media to an accessible folder that you can then copy via any file manager.

I didn’t notice any option to save anywhere specific on any playlists (e.g. save entire playlist to specific local folder). which is the most useful place for this. The playlist chevron offers only “add to offline cache” or “enable auto offline cache”. Not an option for “Download to…”

I can’t find any option anywhere to download to a specific location. Did I miss something?

I take that back. I just spotted it under “Files”. Can we have this same option to do it for a playlist?

I fact it is in a lot of places, but not for playlists, which seems like the most useful place for it. I also noticed that the files in the downloads folder are sub-divided into artist, which is not useful for most offline MP3 players.

So, I guess the actual request is, can we have the “Save to downloads folder” option on playlists, and when it downloads the playlist, it will save the entire playlist in the same folder (e.g. folder named from name of the playlist), and not try to download all the files in the playlist to sub-folders.

Yes Playlist is the only place it’s not there, and no I can’t remove the subfolders as it’s what was asked by the users and I won’t have specific option for that.

So yes I’ll add the save to downloads to playlist but it will do the same as all the rest.

OK, thanks. I can work with that. I’ll just delete the Symfonium folder from Downloads first, and then download the playlist, so that the playlist files are the only files there. I think most MP3 players can see through sub-folders, so it should just play the entire playlist after I transfer (although not in the right order)/

@Tolriq Nextcloud can store the files in “/storage/emulated/0/Android/media/com.nextcloud.client”, and this directory is readable for many apps, why not to make it can store downloaded songs to Android/media?

Because there the files can be modified too and that would break sync + the file names are encoded to ensure they works despite the original one and serves as deduplication between providers too.
Offline cache is for private internal usage. Download to downloads is for media consumption by other apps.

Tested, it works well enough for me. Thanks for this.