Ability to download all tracks or at least playlists

Feature description:

I would like to download all of my tracks on my phone. I used to be able to do this with Google Play Music (RIP)

If I cannot easily download all my tracks, I should at least be able to download playlists.

Problem solved:

As a user who often has spotty or non-existent cell service for extended periods of time, I want to have all my music loaded on my device for offline playback.

Brought benefits:

Users with spare storage space on their devices are no longer at the mercy of cell coverage to play their audio library.

Other application solutions:

Google Play Music solved this (you would mark a playlist as downloaded, and anytime a new song was added to that playlist, it would be downloaded) - application was cut by Google.
MediaMonkey does this - but their UI is horrible and it doesn’t link up with Plex

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


You can already in many ways.

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Ahh, I missed that setting! Nice!

However, if I long press an artist/album, I’m given the option to download that song.

If I long press a playlist, I am not given the option to download that playlist.

Probably a UI polish issue