Ability to convert a read-only playlist to a dual sync one

Feature description:

I would like to have the ability to convert an existing read-only playlist to one that is dual-sync and allows editing.

Problem solved:

Because read-only playlists can update automatically, it is often very nice to use these instead of dual sync. I usually just edit my playlists from another app and they automatically stay in sync.
However, in case I do want to edit a playlist from Symfonium, I would need to re-import the playlist as dual sync, and possibly have to delete the existing read-only playlist.
It would be much easier to just click a button in the playlist menu and have it become dual sync, without the re-import.

Brought benefits:

Make use of read-only playlists for syncing by default, but be easily able to start editing any imported playlists.

Other application solutions:

Other apps usually don’t distinguish because they don’t support multiple providers, or they don’t allow offline editing of playlists.

Additional description and context:

We talked about this on Reddit.
I’m not sure if conversion would be possible the other way around as well, that would of course be very nice and make things more consistent.

Screenshots / Mockup:

n/a, it’s just another menu entry.

The other way is not really possible as hard to handle all the cases where there was edits or being offline.