A few Emby bits

Just a note after almost 10 minutes of playing.

Using app for Emby, it found my Emby server, I typed in User and Password and got a spinning circle. Still a spinning circle. After a while I clicked Finish and it said it was syncing (or something). So I was wondering with the spinning circle… is it working, is it stuck, whats it doing… maybe some kind of success / failure / syncing indicator ?

Plays from server fine, so far. Not sure what should show up on Emby server if anything ? didn’t see anything under Now Playing, didn’t see it say anything about User Name is now playing Virginia Plain. It did say User Name has finished playing Virginia Plain.

Does it import playlists from Emby ?


Tried to send logs, but the support button is directly over (or under) the Android controls at the bottom of the screen, the square one on the left to be precise.

Found the playlist import thing.
What does import as a copy mean ?

Actually on my Xiaomi phone your app uses the full screen, including the bit at the bottom including the Android square, circle, back arrow area. Should it ?

Current version have an issue on some screens the patch is waiting for Google validation.

For the spinning circle I’d need screenshots or more details don’t know what button and finish part you are talking about.

For the logs there’s a few buttons to send them at the top of the screen in the advanced settings pages.

The import as copy makes a copy of the playlist, else it’s read only. Since Symfonik is multi providers you can have playlist with content from multiple providers.
If you want to keep the playlist managed for a single provider and that can be synced do not check the box.
If you want to have a copy that you can edit on Symfonik then check the box .

Got updated to 0.95 -
The display using all the screen including the bottom Android buttons is still the same (xiaomi redmi note 7).
The Emby dashboard now shows the song being played, but the Activity log is still the same, it shows a song has finished playing, but not that a song is playing.

Please provide logs and screenshot / details. For the activity logs also details if it’s shown it the dashboard the it’s reported playing no idea what you mean.

In Emby Symfonik shows up while Now Playing and shows Activity when a song has finished playing (first shot), it doesn’t show when it starts playing / is playing (second shot)

I still don’t know how to send logs. I enable Debug mode. I play something, I do Share logs with support and I get this phone menu to share them to aTv, nearby share, whatsApp, bluetooth…Maybe I could email them ?

Actually I just emailed them, assuming that works… at 10.22am local time.

Ok got them next time please write at least a small comment so I know that it’s you :slight_smile:

Can you also provide the screenshot about the things going under the navigation bar? (Large screens goes under but are scrollable)

Sorry. I hopefully just emailed a screenshot. Hope its what you wanted.

Yes got it but so yes it’s normal it goes under but it should scroll to be fully visible no ?

Yes that seems correct, everything seems accessible. Looks a bit strange to me but if its normal its normal…

Well the navigation bar should be semi translucent and not fully transparent, but this is a bug on your phone I do not really have control over that.

But texts are really big, do you increase the font size in OS settings to the max ?

True, not much can be done about other peoples bugs…
I seem to have had the font size set to large (not max though). Probably changed it a few years ago. Do quite like it like that.

On .10, maybe before, seems like whenever I stop playing a song, by holding the pause down, in the Emby dashboard it gives the finished playing message twice.

As always open an new issue with logs please :wink:

Just sent a log (I think)…